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The studies of symbols have fascinated people for centuries. What are the greater meanings behind these simple geometric shapes, and can they be decoded? >>more

Freemasons reject their label as a religious sect, asserting instead that they are a non-denominational fraternity. Their symbolism and rituals, however, have long put this claim into question. >>more

After its release, Dan Brown’s novel quickly became the focal point of conversations around the world, attracting everyone from academics to atheists. But are his “fictional conspiracy theories” only that? Or could new evidence give them added credence? >>more

Even before The Da Vinci Code, there was speculation about the prospect of a Holy Bloodline. Find out more about these so-called “pseudo-histories” and why they may have more to offer than was previously thought.
Who were the Knights Templar? What was their purpose? Learn more about this historical organization claiming to be the guardians of the Holy Grail.
Before Christianity was known as such, it was not popular amongst the political powers of its day. Some say this persecution led its followers to branch out into secret organizations – some of which still exist today.

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Secret Societies

Kashmir Tomb

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