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Holy Bloodline: Saint Claire’s

The tale of the Saint Claire (Sinclair) family has long provided a source of controversy and mystery for scholars, conspiracy theorists, and religious followers alike. Interest in the St. Claire family originates with Henry Sinclair (1345-1400), Earl of Orkney, Baron of Roslin and Lord of Shetland, who would later become the grandfather of the builder of the Rosslyn Chapel, William St. Claire.

Not much is known about Sinclair’s life, although that hasn’t stopped historians and biographers from making a series of speculations over the last several centuries. Some have asserted he was in fact the prince Zichmni who is referred to by the Zeno brothers in their letters describing their voyage to America under the command of Zichmni, although historians have long refuted this claim.

In any case, the theory is based on several assumptions: 1) that the letters and map written by the Zeno brothers are authentic; 2) that the voyage they describe in the letters did in fact reach America; 3) that Zichmni is Sinclair. In addition, adherents of the theory assert that further proof can be found in the stone carvings found in the Rosslyn chapel, which feature American plants they claim unknown to Europeans prior to Columbus (who himself did not make the trip until 1492).

So if Sinclair actually “discovered” America before Columbus, why was this fact hidden from history? The answer is unclear, but it likely stems from the theory’s further assertion that Sinclair’s voyage was in some way intertwined with the Knights Templar – supposed keepers of the Holy Grail. According to his doctrine, Sinclair made the trip to escape Templar persecution by Philip the Fair.

Templar Insignia, linked to Henry’s grandson William, has been found in the Chapel. These include a grave-marker stone engraved with templar emblems and the words “templar knights,” as well as a portrayal of a templar knight holding a sword over an initiate, supposedly meant to symbolize the protection of the secrets of the organization.

According to some, William was the direct descendant of another William St Claire, who was also the first Grand Master Mason of the Grande Lodge of Scotland, a position that was subsequently held by other members of the St. Claire family. Linked to this, others say, is the fact that not only were the St Claire family members of the Knights Templar and thus keepers of the Holy Grail – they were the Grail. That is to say the St Claire family actually descended from the Jesus family bloodline.

Although this theory is considered purely illogical by many, its followers base their belief on the fact that Jesus’ mother, Mary, was also known as Santa Mara della rosa, and Jesus as “the rose of Sharon,” thus linking them to the Sinclair’s of Roslin, which they have decoded as Rose line. This theory is also supported by Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.

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