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Knights Templar

Who were the Knights Templar? Historical and fictional records seem to be in conflict with one another, so just how are we supposed to know who this so-called "secret society" really was?

By all accounts, the Templars set out as a monastic order, dedicating themselves to the service of God, and thereby renouncing all worldly temptations. We also know that they were the driving force behind the Crusades. However, many have debated over exactly what they were protecting during those battles. According to many popular theories - including the one supported by The Da Vinci Code - what they were really protecting was their secret knowledge of the Holy Grail; others say it was the Ark of the Covenant. Others say the Templars were corrupted and even infiltrated by their supposed enemies, the Muslim "Assassins". So these really just conspiracies, or is there more to such claims?

For an even better understanding, be sure to learn more about their last Grand Master, De Molay, and his legacy within the organization.

For more information about the Order of the Grail and their and esoteric Gnostic Christian studies, visit www.orderofthegrail.org.

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