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Society of Jesus

Discover the history behind one of the most well-known Catholic orders...

Learn about the origins of the Society of Jesus, including how this Christian religious order came to be and about its central founder: Saint Ignatius Loyola. Also, read about Saint Francis Xavier, who also played a big role in establishing the Society of Jesus.

Find out about how the early works of the Jesuit missionaries helped to re-establish the authority of the Roman Catholic Church during the Counter-Reformation, and why the ministry of the members of the Society of Jesus during this time often clashed with the Vatican.

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the Society of Jesus underwent a period of expansion which saw the principles of the Christian missionary group disseminate in countries such as Japan, China and Brazil.

Following this period of expansion, a Papal promulgation led to the suppression of the Society of Jesus, however, through the Jesuit missionaries' dedication, the Society survived this period of suppression, leading to a new period of restoration and growth in the history of the Society of Jesus.

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