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Christian Beliefs

Christianity has a number of beliefs and practices which are considered by Christians to be the foundation of their relationship with God. And although these beliefs and practices may vary among Christian groups, they are all based on the teachings of Jesus Christ whom they believe is the Son of God.


Christians believe there is only one God whom they call Father. They believe that he is the creator of the universe, the people and of all things seen and unseen. They also believe that he is everywhere, that he knows everything and with whom they can get to know through worship, prayer, love and peace.


Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God who was conceived without sin by the Holy Spirit and was sent to Earth for the salvation of mankind. They also believe that he was crucified on the cross and died for our sins, resurrected and ascended to Heaven. They also believe that he will come down to Earth once again to judge the living and the dead to establish a kingdom that will have no end.

The Trinity

Christians believe in the Trinity - that there are three persons in one divine being: the Father (God), the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit.

The Saints

Christians declare fellow-Christians Saints whom they believe have lived sacred and spiritual lives on Earth and also when miracles take place following their deaths. The Roman Catholic and the Orthodox Churches bestow the title of Saint through canonization.

The Afterlife

Christians believe there is life after death. They believe in a heaven and a hell. Heaven, most Christians believe is for those who have lived a good, holy life and is a place where there is a presence of God without any suffering or sin. While hell, Christians believe is a place for non-believers who have committed sins and have not repented their sins. Roman Catholics also believe in purgatory, a place between heaven and hell for people who died without confessing and absolving their sins. Christians also believe you can be saved from hell and purgatory if you repent your sins and believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Eucharist

The Eucharist represents the body of Jesus Christ which Jesus shared with his Apostles on his last day of supper. He asked his disciples to eat the bread and continue doing so in his memory. Christians recognize the Eucharist or the Communion as a sign and a practice of unity because it brings Christians together to celebrate their meal with God.

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