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Central Israel

This fascinating region, stretching across Israel from the Mediterranean in the west to Beit Shean in the east, witnessed a vibrant history of many kingdoms and battles. Just before Jesus was born, King Herod built the huge maritime city of Caesarea. Many of the disciples visited here, including Philip, Peter and Paul although Paul spent two years here in jail.

Inland, further north is Megiddo, the legendary Armageddon. Pilgrims gather here to meditate on the last battle of history, where the forces of good and evil will ultimately clash. To the northeast lies Nazareth, the home town of Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Joseph and the place where Christ spend his formative.

And nearby sits Mount Tabor, the majestic mountain famous in bible verses; this is where Devorah battled with Sisera and where early church father believe Christ had his transfiguration and was recognized as Son of God.

Christians from afar gather in these places; they come to pray in the magnificent churches, walk in the footsteps of Christ and his disciples and relive the inspiring stories from the bible.

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