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Learn about what an ossuary is, from what materials it was created, and what significance it held in ancient Jewish burial practices. >>more

Find out about why this practice
became popular in Jesusí time and
how it affected Jewish burial customs
in and around the city of Jerusalem. >>more

Unearth the 1980 discovery of a first
-century Jewish tomb that has provided
the foundation for an explosive breakthrough in our understanding of the mysteries of Christianity. >>more

Learn about the tradition of burial as it applied to those who were crucified under Roman law, and how this custom affected Jesusí own burial.
Discover the tombs of ancient Israel. Uncover the facts about their construction and design, and how a tomb was indicative of an individualís status.
Decipher the inscriptions found on ossuaries and discover how these inscriptions have helped experts piece together the facts surrounding Jesus Christís life and death.

Second Burial


Burial After Crucifixion


Jesus of Nazareth Mary Magdalene: Mariamne Early Christianity
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