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Historical Precedents

Although it may appear presumptuous for archeologists to declare they have discovered the family tomb of Jesus, when put into the appropriate context of previous discoveries, it becomes far a less revolutionary claim. Indeed over the past century several important archeological finds have provided physical evidence for the existence of other important Biblical figures.

The tombs of two important Simons – Simon Peter (one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ) and Simon of Cyrene (the man who helps Jesus to carry the cross during his crucifixion)– were found in the mid twentieth century, although the implications of these finds were not widely debated.

In addition, the family tomb of Caiaphas – the Jewish high priest who played a vital role in Jesus’ persecution – was found more than a quarter of a century ago. And although this tomb, as well as the tombs of both Simon Peter and Simon of Cyrene, were widely accepted as authentic, they have not enjoyed a great deal of media attention.

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