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Discover the archaeologists who have come together to decipher one of the greatest mysteries of all time. Meet Shimon Gibson and Amos Kloner, and learn about their academic backgrounds and their exciting contributions to the field of archeology. >>more

Meet forensics expert Stephan Cox and discover how forensic tools have helped experts shatter some of the deepest mysteries behind the life and death of Jesus Christ. >>more

Learn about Andrey Feuerverger, a statistician professor from the University of Toronto. Discover how
the field of statistics played a key role in the
archeological find that will challenge
what Christians know about
Jesus Christ. >>more

Meet James Tabor, John Dominic Crossan, Tal Ilan, Jerome Murphy-O’Connor and Stephan Pfann, professors from around the world whose expertise has contributed to the uncovering of the reality behind the mystery of the life and death of Jesus Christ and of his family.
Meet Na’ama Vilozny and David Mevorah, curators of the Museum of Israel, one of the world’s foremost museums in archeological research, and learn about how they’ve helped shed light on an explosive discovery.
Meet the archeologist who discovered the 1st century tomb in Jerusalem that will challenge the beliefs of Christianity. Learn how Gibson’s findings set the course for a fascinating new discovery whose importance will transcend geographical, cultural and religious borders.

James Tabor

Amos Kloner

John Dominic Crossan

Andrew Feuerverger

Jesus of Nazareth Mary Magdalene: Mariamne Early Christianity
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