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Professors: Tal Ilan

Currently a professor in the department of Jewish Studies at the Freie Universtšt in Berlin, Ilan is the author of a variety of texts focused on the feminist experience in ancient Judaism and early Christianity, including Jewish Women in Greco-Roman Palestine: An Inquiry into Image and Status, Integrating Women into Second Temple History and Silencing the Queen: The Literary Histories of Shelamzion and Other Jewish Women. Israeli born, Ilan completed her graduate and postgraduate studies at the Hebrew University, where she completed her Ph.D. on Jewish women in Greco-Roman Palestine.

Ilan was Visiting Lecturer at Harvard University (1992-1993), as well as Visiting Professor of Yale University (1995). She also served as Lecturer at the Rothberg School for Overseas Students at the Hebrew University. Her other teaching credits include Beer Sheva, Frankfurt University and Trinity College Dublin.

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