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Home » Forum » Siblings of Jesus » King James AV 1611 promotes a theory
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Name: Kurgan  •  Title: King James AV 1611 promotes a theory  •  Date posted: 03/01/07 18:09
Q: Though this is a 17th century Anglican Bible, it interestingly promotes a theory about Jesus' "brothers and sisters" that makes them not biological siblings, and not even half-siblings (if you believe the Virgin Birth happened).

Check it out:


(sorry- I don't know how to dress links here, copy and paste that into your browser, fascinating!) 
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Name: endthefish  •  Date: 03/10/07 18:24
A: obviously anyone who believes the virgin birth believes that jesus does not have biological siblings.

the king james bible is the worst version of the bible to do any type of scholarly research with as it is notoriously corrupt, corrupted by king james himself for political reasons. 

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