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Home » Forum » Mary Magdalene » Mary Ossuary is a fake
Hello, guest
Name: eirini_cy  •  Title: Mary Ossuary is a fake  •  Date posted: 08/07/07 7:59
Q: After watching the program on television
I saw the "supposed" ossuary of Mary Magdalene. At first I noticed that the writing was not ancient greek - so i decided to have a second look:

So, lets view the inscription again:

Here- are the problems -
On the ossuary the most visable greek words are "Μαρια & Μαρα" (maria and mara) written in modern greek format.... what?! Modern greek?

Wait! If this was from the days of Jesus of afterwards this would be written in Ancient Greek - since modern greek was first adopted in mid 1400's to present dates - its very strange the ossuary has a modern Alpha and Rho scribbed onto it.

This ossuary is most likely a very poor fake - there is no possible way for this ossuary to have Modern Greek letters if its from the day of Christ (Xristos).

It show modern greek letters Rho: ρ and Alpha: α - in modern forms.

This casts alot of doubt on the Ossuary and I very much doubt its from the times of Jesus - ask any greek speaker - there is no way modern greek would be written on a ancient ossuary or in an ancient tomb from 2000 years ago.

This kind of error is shocking to see and personally I think some expert (ahaha expert) has written greek onto an ancient ossuary in the modern form leaving a daming mistake.

thats what I think on the film - just look at the motives behind it and the evidence given and hidden - do not be fooled. 
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Name: eirini_cy  •  Date: 08/07/07 8:04
A: Also, Mara is a nick name for Maria in greek - and why would it be written in greek if it was in a different language. I think it was Maria ___ and with her nickname also written on it.
I doubt it is there to mean master - master in greek is kyria (κυρία) so why would Μαρα (or mara) be on the Ossuary? it was most likely a nickname for Maria. 
Name: eirini_cy  •  Date: 08/07/07 8:30
A: the link is incorrect sorry.... it should read /wp-content/ - the site has added two - - (there should be one) 

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