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Home » Forum » Siblings of Jesus » Matthew
Hello, guest
Name: Gina  •  Title: Matthew  •  Date posted: 02/27/07 19:05
Q: Is Matthew a brother of Jesus? 
Your Answer:
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Name: Abigail  •  Date: 02/27/07 19:10
A: Yes, he is. He is one of a few brothers mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew. 
Name: NormaPorter  •  Date: 02/27/07 19:29
A: Read the bible 
Name: DMS  •  Date: 02/27/07 20:01
A: I am a genealogist. My take on "The Christ Family" can be found here:

Matthe-w- is not a "biological brother".

Joseph's (Mary's father) father's brother, Antipater II, King of Judea; "The Idumaean", had a grandson Phasael II/Alfai/Chalfai (Alphaeus) who had 3 sons---

1) Antipater/Levi Mattithyahu (Matthew), Prince; Deciple; "Gift of Yahweh"
2) Herod/Ya'aqov bar-Halfai (James), Prince; Deciple; "The Lesser/Younger/Smaller"
3) Alexander/Yehudah Thaddai (Judas Thaddaeus), Prince; Deciple; "Lebbaeus who was called Thaddeus;" "Judas, not Iscariot;" martyred in Persia.

Matthew was a cousin. 
Name: eblondet  •  Date: 03/04/07 1:56
A: Yeshua had a total of 6 siblings...

Ya'cov - We call him now James and sometimes Jacob
Shimon - We call him Simon or Peter (but not that one...not St. Peter)
Judah - We call him Matthew (hmmm Matya, interesting... Did anyone know that his name as called by Yeshua was, Dydimus Judah Te-moh [Tomas])
Jos'e - Hmmm guess what we call him, Joses

Maria Salome
Maria Martha

The ladies name are not known to me in their original languages (Aramic) and anyway, translations over translations, the names have just lost all originality. 
Name: KRS  •  Date: 03/05/07 15:53
A: Abigail, Matthew is not listed as one of the brothers of Jesus in the gospel of Matthew.

DMS, where are your sources coming from? Most of your references are somewhat, uh, lacking in historical documentation. 
Name: Wes Boll  •  Date: 03/05/07 19:21
A: Where are the Bones????????? Didn't they say they buried the bones!! 
Name: eblondet  •  Date: 03/06/07 4:12
A: Before I saw the documentary, I got the book, as I was aware that all the
information could not be fit into 2 hours including commercials.

OK here it goes, to answer to everyone's question

The Jesus Family Tomb: The Discovery, the Investigation and the Evidence That
Could Change History. Jacobivici & Pellegrino
February 2007 Harper San Francisco
ISBN 9780061192029

Page 23, First full paragraph of the page..

Timeline ....sometime between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, 1980

"By the time Rivka Maoz entered the red chamber, one ossuary had gone missing, and nine surviving ossuaries were stored in one of the IAA's suburban warehouses. The three skulls from the main chamber, the bones from the antechamber, and all the skulls and bones from the inside the ossuaries, including any loose fragments from the "Jesus, son of Joseph" ossuary, were poured out and set aside for temporary study. According to an understanding between the archaeologists and the rabis, the bones would eventually be turned over to the religious authorities for reburial. There were several large graves reserved locally for the purpose of "respectfully reinterment of ancient human remains"

I hope this answers you questions about the bones. 
Name: eialici  •  Date: 01/13/08 12:07
A: Yes, here is the evidence from my website:


A-Nd- to all roman catholics, its not my problem taht this messes up your cult religion. 

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