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Home » Forum » Early Christianity » My Rant
Hello, guest
Name: Esco-Crudux  •  Title: My Rant  •  Date posted: 03/03/07 14:46
Q: The Bible is a timeline, but written in a way which controlls people.

Ronn Wyatt Found the Ark/Jesus blood, which also revealed the real site of crucifixion.

I am not sure if this Tomb is real. They have to match the blood with Ronn's sample and see if it is.

Jesus blood is said to have only 24 chromosomes. 
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Name: Achaney  •  Date: 03/09/07 7:59
A: The problem with Ron Wyatt's stories, is that he never shows the proof to anybody and unfortanetly; his own son had told people that his dad (Ron Wyatt) would fake and place objects and call it a discovery. There's never any middle ground to Ron's claims. It's always unfounded or just dismissed with excuses. In regards to Jesus' blood, his own partner; who paid him money to help support his findings financially, has even come up empty handed. Especially when he asked Ron for the results on the dna testing, he would make up excuses. 
Name: Mark-Tao  •  Date: 03/10/07 21:36
A: come on, I know you got more rant in you than that. 
Name: Achaney  •  Date: 03/10/07 22:40
A: lol. Okay.

When you read the Catholic version of the bible (New American Bible), you find in the footnotes and references, that some of the Biblical stories (such as creation) are based off of older myths. They even claim this themselves. So in Catholicism, they are becoming more liberal and open to the idea of other possiblilites that have already been brought forth by non-Christian sources. I like this.

It is said, that when the Jews entered into the Babylonian exile (prior they lost there true Judaic ways), they picked up from the Babylonian Library, earlier creation stories and such, and therefore grafted them into there new Judaic ways upon there return to Jerusalem. The only ones to hold onto the Bible is Protestants who worship the book (hence why Catholics call them book worshippers) and we are left with these protestant ideas of Christianity that are worse than the source (Catholicism) they came from.

So in Catholic apolegetics, this is why we see them always defending there faith against mostly Protestantism. You can find any protestant website (Cutting Edge Ministries) that deals with apolegetics, and it seems they are taking on the whole world. People are getting sick and tired of their rant and ravings against Freemasonry as being satan elitist, homosexuals, Catholics, even their own (such as, "The Purpose Driven Life", and, "The Purpose Driven CHurch," by Rick Warren), occult pracitces, the new age, and most things that dont agree with them.

They are fighting a losing battle because the protestants cant even agree amongst themselves when it comes to theology and doctrines such as, calvinism, arianism, post-trib, pre-trib, ressurection, non-resurrection, miracles did happen, miracles didn't hapen, and so forth. All it shows is that the Bible is really not meant to be what protestants want it to be. A book truely written by God who inspired men to write it. It just doesn't cut the cake. There is to many obvious patch works and holes in the books of the Bible.

Even the commentators cant agree amongst themselves and have hard times with certaing passages. Such as Job 33:20-to last verse, seemingly speaks about reincarnation. Man goes to the grave and if a mediatior is found for him, to show him what is right, then he is pardon, and returns back to the days of his youth like a baby. Read it and you will see.

The tomb is real, Jesus was Gnostic, Esoteric, ancient Egyptian mysteries, mystery schools, and such in his teachings. The tomb is his and his families. 

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