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Home » Forum » Early Christianity » Reliability of the Gospel accounts
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Name: Gnosisquest  •  Title: Reliability of the Gospel accounts  •  Date posted: 03/20/07 3:27
Q: I would like to know how it is that anyone can insist on the reliability of the Gospel accounts. There is not a single complete Gospel until long after Emperor Constantine.

These ossuaries contain far more evidence regarding the possibility the Gnostic writings were correct so how can they be so adamantly disregarded?

Why would anyone not rather believe that a person was buried after death? How could grown people rather say that he got up from the grave after the rotting process started, talked for a while and disappeared into thin air?

Evidence doesn’t support Jesus; according to St. Irenaeus Jesus taught until Emperor Trajan.

Best Ras 
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Name: Shlomo  •  Date: 04/23/07 0:09
A: That is why there is so much argument over this topic of finding a tomb, there is no other credible evidence existing. Maybe it was a ghost that appeared? 
Name: Panluna  •  Date: 04/28/07 13:52
A: In those days people would rather believe in miracles than facts when it came to religion.There was no science to deal with the incredible.I've seen ghosts,spirits and angels all my life.Maybe Jesus's etherial body rose from his finite form and Mary Magdelene saw it.When my brother passed away his spirit stood next to his body in the coffin.Then that night he appeared to me in a dream.He said he was fine.All these years I've only sensed his presence on his birthday and the date of his accident.He was young when he died and he had unfinished business.He visits my mother,too.Sometimes ghosts get confused and they don't cross-over at death especially if it is a young death or a sudden one.The monk's ghost that visits me is an ancester of mine who lived during the time of the Cathars.His name begins with an H but I can't pronounce it.There is a connection with Charlemagne.If you read THE URANTIA BOOK it gives another explaination for Jesus's Spirit appearing several times after the crucifiction and he still appears to the faithful.Padre Pio is one of them.And I've seen the Virgin Mary three times and her ossuary was found in the Talpiot Tomb.The reason why certain books like the Gnostic ideas weren't included is because it did not fit the evolving church doctrines.They needed a miracle to convince and unify the newly converted Pagans.The doctrines were decided in Nicea by a council several centuries after the crucifiction and the fall of the Roman. Empire. 

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