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Home » Forum » Mary Magdalene » Research on Mary Magdalene
Hello, guest
Name: Gina  •  Title: Research on Mary Magdalene  •  Date posted: 02/27/07 18:49
Q: Is there any recent research done on Mary Magdalene? What do biblical scholars make of her? 
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Name: DMS  •  Date: 02/27/07 19:32
A: I am a genealogist. My take on "The Christ Family" can be found here:

My- research on The Magdalene is as follows:

She was the daughter of Herodias, Jewish Princess, daughter of Aristobulos IV; executed 7 BC, son of Herod I, Edomite; King of Judea; "The Great" (d.4 BC).

Her real name was Salome III (of the famous Veil Dance).

She was first with/married Herod-Philip II (John the Baptist); beheaded 34 AD).

She was second with Aristobulos III (Jesus), Lord; King of Chalcis; "The Christ"

She had one son by Herod-Philip II: Herod Timothy; "The Herodian".

She had three children by Aristobulos III :

Tamar (Phoebe) who married a Paul;
Aristobulos IV; "Jesus Justus";
Agrippa (Josephes); Nazarite Bishop of Saras (Gaza); "The Rama-Theo"; "The Grail Child" 
Name: Abigail  •  Date: 02/27/07 21:21
A: What is the origin of the name Aristobulos? And who was Aristobulos II? 
Name: DMS  •  Date: 02/27/07 21:31
A: Also spelled "Aristobulus". A name common in the Hebrew Hasmonean Dynasty.

Aristobulos II, King of Judea; assassinated 50 BC, son of Alexander Janneus (Alexander Jannai/Yannai/Jonathan), High Priest-King of Judea. 
Name: ollypop  •  Date: 02/28/07 0:44
A: I am certainly interested in how The Magdalene can be the daughter of Aristobulos IV and married to Aristobulos III?
But please go on.... 
Name: Lore  •  Date: 03/03/07 1:40
A: Here's a few places you might want to visit or join if you're interested in Mary Magdalene:

The oldest and most respected discussion list concerning Mary Magdalene. Margaret Starbird, Ki Longfellow, Joan Norton, Dr. Jim Gardner and other well-known authors post regularly


Order- of Mary Magdala discussion list

Goddess- Christian discussion list

Th-e- goddess-Christian oriented Esoteric Mystery School
Name: Panluna  •  Date: 03/10/07 0:35
A: Wikipedia has a great deal of research and links to Mary Magdelene. 
Name: Peter Cripps  •  Date: 03/10/07 4:46
A: There was a town in Israel named Migdal, which was named for a tall tower. Yeshuah apparently had nicknames for his closest friends, e.g. Simon was named Cephas, or Rock, James was the "Son of Thunder", if my memory serves me correctly. Is it more than likely that our friend Mary, who was from Migdal, was also affectionately referred to by Yeshua as "Mary the Tower"? If so, this would be a reference to her greatness, n'est pas? 
Name: chemba  •  Date: 03/12/07 15:16
A: God is a Super Energy or Power and his consort is its main part.
Even we can say that God is a substance and his wife is an element of the substance,
For more details please visit the web pages,



and other important details about God, life and universe through ancient arts, and words, you may go and see all pages from
Name: JMD  •  Date: 03/17/07 9:15
A: check this site out - another interesting 'theory'. Is Mary Magdalene the author of the Fourth Gospel? Read the theory here:

Name: lemracc  •  Date: 05/05/07 14:12
cannot open the site y mention, http://www.mismagicshouse.com/-ge-nealogy499x/bottom.html#Jesus
pl-s- advise 
Name: MOMO5751  •  Date: 02/02/08 19:45
A: Dear Readers and Scholars,
Yes, the research is in progress...always. But digging it up PHYSICALLY is not going to do it.
Use a logical dig to find this answer.


If the virgin Mary is the perpetual Virgin [that means her 'sons' will always be the Son of God] and Mary Magdalene is the redeemed whore [who is always going to be running from the tomb claiming the resurrection] then what's the point of the study of bones which will eventually turn to dust. Eternity is bigger than bones. The bigger question should be: Which Mary Cycle are we in? The point I'm trying to make, is that there is ALWAYS going to be these two witnesses. Not the two Mary's; but the the view people have about the one and only Mary. You become the witness of good and evil. time is. Or the lack of. Some people call it the 'endtimes'. It sounds like a newspaper title like the New York Times. This is where I see what people are doing with the view of ALL the characters in the Holy Bible. But I think it needs to be known...there is a mirror in that book, and It's my strong belief that people are confusing which side of the 'Sea (see) of Glass' [mirror] they're on. I think we all in our heart of hearts want to see the best. It's my hope that people can learn to see the light in ALL THINGS. Digging this logical circuit is the true beginning of truth and wisdom. And I think that this site at the of the day is really trying to archive this, but doesn't understand how they might be destroying the formless image that is God.

Peace and Light be with you all,
[[email protected]
Name: Sassy  •  Date: 05/30/08 5:04
A: "Think.
If the virgin Mary is the perpetual Virgin [that means her 'sons' will always be the Son of God] and Mary Magdalene is the redeemed whore"

Jesus' mother isn't a 'perpetual' virgin. Jesus had brothers and sisters. His earthly father may have been Pantera the Roman soldier. Nor is Mary Magdalene a 'redeemed whore' - that was just made up to downgrade her role. Maybe you need to do some thinkin' 
Name: bonijean2  •  Date: 04/23/14 5:46
A: My research suggests she was more likely of Jewish (Tribe of Zara) and Han Chinese (Tribe of Benjamin) origin. She was educated, wealthy, a woman of great influence in her circle, and had one child. She was also seen as a major threat to the male dominated religious hierarchy of the time and eventually was imprisoned in a deep cave where she died. 
Name: Brad Watson, Miami  •  Date: 06/01/14 14:56
A: I AM convinced the legend is true that Mary Magdalen (French spelling)/Mariamne - princess of the Tribe of Benjamin - first married John the Baptist (prince of Tribe of Judah) in a Hebrew Royal wedding and that she had his son John. After the Baptist was executed, in the tradition of the day, the widow married his next-of-kin: Jesus and he adopted John 'Jr.' This was the Wedding at Cana. (Did Jesus marry Mary? Marry Mary!) This had to be kept secret for her and her children's protection. The Apostle John was the son of the Baptist. As immediate family, this is why the Romans allowed Magdalen and John 'the beloved' to be at the Cross.

Medieval and Renaissance painters used a single rose to represent MM and there is a pink 'Mary Magdalen Rose'...


Thi-s- alphanumeric code/cipher using 'the key'(74) of A=1, B=2...Z=26 is 'Simple(6,74) English(7,74) Gematria(8,74)' and it reveals much! 

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