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Home » Forum » Mary Magdalene » Time in France
Hello, guest
Name: Jordanna  •  Title: Time in France  •  Date posted: 02/27/07 14:08
Q: I thought she died in France not Israel. 
Your Answer:
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Name: followingchrist82  •  Date: 02/27/07 16:28
A: You reading The Da Vinci Code? Oh please, don't tell me you reject the most ancient sources and replace them with Dan Brown, Simcha Jacobovici and James Cameron! Oh yeah, real biblical scholars these guys! HA! 
Name: Tara  •  Date: 02/27/07 17:04
A: There are many claims that she did live in france and then returned and was laid to rest with her family.

You see Mary was a preacher as well, and though she went to france to avoid persecution, there are accounts of her travelling and spreaing the word of Jesus.

Mary considered a master, and some theories even place he as the divine leader.

I read lots and keep my mind open, you can not find truth with a close mind, nor can you find it from misinterpretations, if someone of authority sai 1+1=3 does that mean they are right?

Do the reading and judge for yourself, this discovery is great because it makes people live and question, I love that! 
Name: Heather  •  Date: 02/27/07 18:07
A: The last entry in the canonical Gospels referring to Mary Magdalene (John 20:17) says that Mary returns to Jerusalem after seeing Jesus and in Acts she is with the apostles in Jeusalem after the ascension 
Name: ollypop  •  Date: 02/28/07 0:49
A: No one disputes Pauls wonderings why question Mary's?
The truth is why would Mary visit France and as it is one of the first Christian places in the world if not Mary then who? 
Name: Kurgan  •  Date: 03/01/07 18:20
A: The legends about "Mary" going to france are much much later than any of the writings of the Gospels. The first such legends refer to Mary Solome and Mary Jacobi, not Mary Magdalane (and even later still, "Sarah" the Egyptian servant girl, is not the daughter of any of the Mary's, despite what Margaret Starbird imagined).

If this "Jesus Tomb" thing is authentic, then we have proof she didn't go to France and the entire Da Vinci Code Theory is nonsense (but we knew that already).


While- I'm very skeptical about this site's interpretation of this find, it's much more plausible than Dan Brown's version. 
Name: Kurgan  •  Date: 03/01/07 18:21
A: Whoops, I see we can't edit our posts.


(website- is by an atheist, it debunks Brown's theory that Mary Magdalane ever went to France) 
Name: Kurgan  •  Date: 03/01/07 18:22
A: www.historyvsthedavincicode.com

Can't post this?

www. history vs the da vinci code . com (remove spaces and it should work) 
Name: corneillie pascal  •  Date: 03/01/07 21:48
A: What we know has passed the inqisition of the cathars and medieval stories. Understand the reign of the french and the popes of Avignon.
Know what role the flemish played in the crusades. Find out where there is a statue of Godried of Bouillon. Understand the holy blood procession of Bruges in Belgium. Find out which crusader didn't return and got five different names in history. If you know what region the cathars lived in you'll understand that is was no place to stay. The Gitanes every year wait for the return of Mariamne in St Marie de la mere in France. Their story is never heard. 
Name: Lore  •  Date: 03/03/07 1:39
A: Here's a few places you might want to visit or join if you're interested in Mary Magdalene:

The oldest and most respected discussion list concerning Mary Magdalene. Margaret Starbird, Ki Longfellow, Joan Norton, Dr. Jim Gardner and other well-known authors post regularly


Order- of Mary Magdala discussion list

Goddess- Christian discussion list

Th-e- goddess-Christian oriented Esoteric Mystery School
Name: Peter Cripps  •  Date: 03/10/07 4:41
A: I see no problem with the possibility that Mariamne went to France and eventually returned to Jerusalem where she died. 
Name: light  •  Date: 03/30/07 2:51
A: Exactly. Her being buried in this tomb would say precisely nothing about whether she'd ever been to France or not. 
Name: Kelly L. Fleming  •  Date: 03/30/07 16:31
A: This is a piece from my journel that
talks about MM in Ephesus, I am putting
it on as I talk about the legends of her
in France and her grave in Ephesus is the
only confliction I see with her grave now
possibly being in Israel in the "Lost Tomb".
Here is the post:

I have been collecting info on Ephesus -
here are my notes from my Ephesus Journal -

MM' first pilgrimage - after quitting Palestine,
according to Gregory of Tours (538-94) was Ephesus.
the city that Paul labored against Gnosticism and
worship of Diana. Where St. John the Evangelist
(the Beloved) ended his days.

Susan Haskins says "the virgin lived there too."

Anna Katharina Emmerich (1824) Mystic and Stigmatist
(who found the Virgin Mary's house), had visions and
dreams of Ephesus, although she had never been there.
(Where the Virgin stayed with John, Sister AK also
had many, many visions of MM.)

Mary Magdalene's tomb - one of the holy places at
Ephesus from the 6th Century.

"After the death of our Lord, the Mother of God and
MM joined John the well-beloved disciple at Ephesus.
It is there that the myrrhophore ended her apostolic career
through her martyrdom. Not wishing until the very end
to be seperated fom John the Apostle, or the Virgin."
Modestus (634)

Modestus claims that MM died a marytr's death. MM became
a teacher to other holy women, remained a virgin always
(must have been a born again virgin thing!), and to her
executioners, appeared as a "pure crystal" because of her
great purity.

Her sepulchre is at the entrance of the grotto of Ephesus,
know as the Cave of the 7 Sleepers.

"It is in this town MM rest with nothing to cover her."
Gregory of Tours

A rusting sign at Ephesus points the way up to the Cave of
the 7 Sleepers. A climb through brambles and undergrowth
in the 20th Century, you will find a mausoleum with no
references to MM on it.

From Ephesus came MM's feast day (July 22) mentioned by Bede
around 720, his sources appear to early Greek or Byzantine

of Vezelay France by ALMOST 500 YEARS!

Cult of MM in Vezelay France first know in the 11th Century!!!!
An early account in Chanson de Gesto of Girant, possibly
compiled at Vezelay, when St. Bernard came to preach, tells
of the monks crossing the sea and bringing her BODY to France.
By the 13th Century an alarmlingly confusing array of stories
about MM's voyage began to pop up. Thirteen Century, even
11th Century, 1000 + years after her death!

Note from my Journal on Ephesus by Kelly L. Fleming

P.S. Note - In Hebrew customs of burial, to be in an unmarked
grave (Ephesus) or to have your bones moved, is one of the greatest
defilements. Poor MM! 
Name: Marco  •  Date: 03/22/08 18:35
A: I read, that this woman died in Efese as Mary, Jesus's mother. Is it right, or maybe it is only a fairy tale? And why do you thinking that? 

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