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The Galilee

‘The Man of Galilee.’ ‘The Sea of Galilee.’ These terms are dear to Christianity. Jesus Christ moved to the Galilee from Nazareth and eventually set up his ministry in this region, living amongst Jewish fishermen who led simple lives.

Many important stories are set in these hills, springs and shores in and around the lake. The bible tells us that he set up his ministry in this area, preached about the Kingdom of Heaven, performed his "mighty works" and chose his disciples in this area; Simon-Petrus and Andrew were brothers and fishermen, while Philip, James and John also fished these waters. Jesus also walked on the waters of the Sea of Galilee.

The three ancient cities of Bethsaida, Chorazin and Capernaum are well known to most Christians and are called the Evangelical Triangle.

The fishing village of Migdal is known as the birthplace of Mary Magdalene, while Tabgha is where he performed the miracle known as Multiplication of the Bread and the Fishes. And just uphill is Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus delivered his famous Sermon of the Mount.

In Cana, he is famous for healing a nobleman’s son. The Gospels mention that he preached to thousands at Cove of the Sower. And in Kursi, Christ performed the Miracle of the Swine.

Today, many Christians make pilgrimages to these very spots, walking in the foot steps of Christ and connecting spiritually to the source and inspiration of the Church.

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