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Key passages in the Acts of Philip detail the ministry of the biblical apostle Philip, along with his sister Mariamne in the New Testament Apocrypha. >>more

The Gospel of Mary has provided
substantial information regarding the
status of the biblical Mary Magdalene
in the form of a Gnostic Gospel. >>more

The Gospel of Thomas was uncovered in
Egypt in 1945. Many believe it to be
the writings of the apostle Thomas
and is as credible a source as the
New Testament Gospels. >>more

The canonical Gospel of Luke has provided important details about the genealogy of Mary and the historical Jesus of Nazareth.
Read about notable passages in the Synoptic Gospel of Matthew that has fascinated scholars interested in the history of Christianity and the cultural context surrounding the time of Jesus.
The Gospel of Mark is a source of biblical information that some scholars have looked to for details of the historical family of Jesus, including possible siblings

Gospel of Luke

Gospel of Matthew

Acts of Philip

Gospel of Mary

Jesus of Nazareth Mary Magdalene: Mariamne Early Christianity
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