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The Apocryphal Texts

The Apocryphal texts of the New Testament are writings that have not been included in the canonical Christian bible, but do contain information relating to Christian theology. Many of these apocryphal texts are Christian Gnostic writings, believed to have been written around the second century CE. While the study of these writings has been around for some time, the recent debate over the Jesus tomb has many turning to these writings for support.

These include the Acts of Philip, writings describing the proported teachings of the apostle Philip and his sister Mariamne after the death of Jesus. The Gospel of Mary and the Gospel of Thomas are Gnostic Gospels found in Nag Hammadi Egypt that have caused much controversy over the status of Mary Magdalene in recent years.

The Pistis Sophia is another apocryphal text containing references to the Divine Feminine in relation to Christ. Other apocryphal writings whose origins remain under debate include the Book of Jonah. This text is found in the Old Testament and among the Dead Sea Scrolls that are often attributed to the Essene sect of Early Christianity.

Likewise, the Gospel of the Nazarenes and the Gospels of Peace have been linked to early followers of Jesus.

For a complete guide to all the apocryphal texts, as well as information on Christ's forgotten teachings and his family bloodline, and much more, visit TheNazareneWay.com.

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