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Accurate Period Depiction

There is no doubt that The Lost Tomb of Jesus is a visually stunning documentary, setting bold new standards for reenactment.

Based on the latest historical evidence, we believe the recreations of the Second Temple Period in our film provide the most accurate images ever of Jesus of Nazareth, his family, his followers, his ministry, the crucifixion and of his entombment.

We conferred with leading anthropologists, social historians, theologians, scientists, linguists, and Biblical scholars, to name a few in order to provide such an accurate depiction. The hairstyles, costumes, jewelry, the casting, set design, and even the lighting were all designed with the input of these experts.

Many of us are used to European-inspired images of New Testament characters; we are used to thinking of Jesus as “Christian.” But as we learn more and more about first-century life in Israel, and we remind ourselves that Jesus, his family, all his disciples, were Jewish, we can begin to imagine what Jesus and those dear to him really looked like.

The Bible tells us little about what things and people looked like. We know hardly anything about Jesus, except that he had hair "like lamb’s wool", a description which does not tell us much about his physical, human form. DNA evidence and the study of human remains tell us much about the body type, height, coloring, and so on. Archaeology has revealed ancient textiles, jewelry, small artifacts like perfume bottles and oil lamps, and coins—even crucifix nails. Historians like Josephus described such sites as the Second Temple, where Jesus is said to have overturned the tables of the dishonest alms collectors.

But we will allow the recreations in The Lost Tomb of Jesus to speak for themselves.

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