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Deemed founder of Christianity and one of the most important historical, and staunchly debated figures of the modern world. His life and teachings have long been the source of numerous controversies initiated by clerics, scholars and followers. >>more

Mary conceived Jesus as a virgin.
Some say she remained one even
afterward. Learn about the explosive
new evidence that may finally put
an end to the debate. >>more

Was she simply a repentant prostitute,
or was she really Jesus' wife? Learn about
what's at stake in this debate, and
what's really behind Dan Brown's
"conspiracy theory". >>more

Many have said Jesus' "beloved disciple," was John the Baptist. Others say he was Thomas, while still others suggest he was someone much closer to Jesus himself. Could new information provide a more concrete perspective?
If Mary did remain a virgin even after Jesus' birth, how can we explain biblical references to Jesus’ siblings? Find out more about these "bro-thers and sisters" and why their genetics is such a source of controversy.
Few archeological disco-veries have been as contentious as the oss-uary reading, "James, brother of Jesus". While its authenticity has been fiercely debated, its significance has not. Could it be the "missing link"?

James Ossuary

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Jesus Holy Bloodline

Theological Mary

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