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Jesus Walks on Water

(Matt 14:25; Mark 6:48; John 6:19)

Walking on water is one of the many miracles Jesus Christ was believed to have performed. This miracle is recorded in the Gospels of John (6:16 24), of Matthew (14:22-33) and of Mark 6:45-52. According to the Gospel of Matthew and of Mark, this miracle occurred directly after "feeding the five thousand" miracle took place. However, the Gospel of John narrates the miracle of walking on water occurred in the evening after the feeding of the five thousand people.

According to all the narratives in the Gospels, Jesus told his disciples to take the boat and head home towards Bethsaida, while he stayed to direct the crowd of people home. Half way through their journey to Bethsaida, the disciples saw a figure approaching the boat. Thinking it was a ghost the disciples grew scared.

According, to all three Gospels, Jesus spoke out to his disciples along the lines of: "It's I myself, don't be afraid!" After reassuring his disciples, Jesus boarded the boat. However, according to Matthew (but not Mark or John) after Jesus revealed himself, Peter said: "Lord, if it's really you, tell me to come to you on the water."

"Come on, then," replied Jesus.

Peter stepped onto the water and started walking. But when he saw the fury of the winds ahead he panicked and started to sink. Jesus caught his arm and stopped him from going under.

The lesson this miracle teaches us, is that if we keep our eyes on faith we can do things we couldn't have done otherwise. Even if we divert from the path of faith and experience problems, Jesus will always being watch over us. And if we call to Him, he'll come save us, like how he rescued Peter from sinking.

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