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Home » Forum » Mary Magdalene » Did Mary Magdelene possess magikal knowledg?e
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Name: Panluna  •  Title: Did Mary Magdelene possess magikal knowledg?e  •  Date posted: 03/29/07 21:07
Q: Was she an Essene by conversion or was she a wildwoman deemed a sinner in accord with the Bible account?Was she a redhead as dipicted in Da Vinci's painting and other works of art?i have a copy of the Essene Book of Days which incorporates the use of natural magic in the every day.Did Mary brew up a tonic given to Jesus on the sponge when he was on the cross that made him appear dead,then revived him in the tomb with an antidote?Jesus was dead in a matter of minutes.How long did it take the two thieves to die? 
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Name: light  •  Date: 03/30/07 3:30
A: She probably wasn't a redhead any more than Jesus was a blond, white guy. She was Palestinian - or possibly Ethiopian. (Look into the black madonna traditions.) 
Name: Kelly L. Fleming  •  Date: 03/30/07 16:16
A: Magic is a huge part of early Christian Gnosticism.
It is the REAL reason for their persecution.
Read Morton Smith's Jesus the Magician and
prepare yourself to be blown away and amazed!
Also check out Meyer's Christian Coptic Magic Spells.

Love + Light
Kelly L. Fleming
Gypsy Goddess
Sacred Alchemy Products

P.S. Did MM administer a tonic on a sponge to JC? Well, according to the Passover Plot by Schonefeld, where this theory of JC living after
the crucifiction originally sourced from -- he never mentions MM. I think Schonefeld viewed her as too dim-witted to be included on the "plot".

P.S.S. The Essenes cast Horoscopes, did "face readings" - entrail animal readings and more. I don't believe they cast spells, but the Manadeans did! 
Name: Panluna  •  Date: 07/22/07 16:46
A: Today is Mary Magdalene's feast day and she is still an enigma. 

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