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Women's Burial

In the time of Jesus, tombs were generally owned by men, as was other land. Therefore when it came time for men to be buried, they were buried in their own family's tombs, which they had ownership of. Because ancient Jewish stated that the deceased be buried with their families, it makes even more sense that men be buried in their family tomb.

But what about women? Women generally didn't own land, and the family line was traced down by men not women, so a married woman belonged to two family lines: her father's and her husband's. Therefore where was she to be buried upon death?

According to Jewish law, in the absence of and documentation outlining the woman's wishes, such as a will, if both husband and father want a woman to be buried on their distinct properties, the woman is to be buried on her father's property (not her husband's) provided she has not had any sons. However, if she provided her husband with sons , the woman is to be buried on her husband's property.

A woman had the right to determine her eternal burial, regardless of and other consideration. If a woman wrote in a will where she wanted to be buried, that is where she was buried. For instance, if a woman put in a will that she wanted to be buried in her son's tomb, the was where she would be buried.

In addition, if a woman inherited a tomb, she was buried in this, along with all offspring she was close to and saw while she was alive.

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