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Where Are the Bones From the Bone Box?

Simcha Jacobovici shares important information about his film The Lost Tomb of Jesus. If, he asks, these are the bone boxes of the Holy Family, where are the bones? The film director explains that, according to Jewish law, it was common practice in those times to take the bones and rebury them in the ground. This, we are told, is what happened to the bones of the Jesus family, as found in the Jesus family tomb.

Extracting DNA From Bone Fragments Reveals All

An interesting discussion with movie maker Simcha Jacobovici. The film director of The Lost Tomb of Jesus explains how DNA was extracted from bone fragments found in the bottom of two ossuaries belonging to the Jesus family tomb. Tests on the fragments of Jesus and Mariamne reveal that they do not have any maternal DNA in common, and are most likely husband and wife.

Mysteries of The Jesus Family Tomb

Many details prove that the Jesus family tomb is not a typical tomb: a strange symbol, the chevron and circle, are found on the façade; and three skulls were placed in the tomb in what appears to be a ritualistic way. Was this the Knights Templar? Movie maker Simcha Jacobovice, director of The Lost Tomb of Jesus, describes the mysteries.

Was Judah the Son of Jesus?

Who was the Beloved Disciple? Why was his identity kept secret? Could Jesus have had a child? Movie maker Simcha Jacobovici, director of The Lost Tomb of Jesus, shares some theories about Judah. He talks about how decoding the bible brings to light the possibility that Jesus had a son, and that the gospels documented his presence during the life and death of Jesus.

The Jesus Tomb: Excavated But ‘Unknown’ for 27 Years

Film maker Simcha Jacobovici does not does not claim to have found the Jesus family tomb. In this fascinating interview, the director of The Lost Tomb of Jesus explains how that he led an investigation to reveal the significance of this important Christian discovery.

The Lost Tomb of Jesus – How Secrets Were Decoded

Movie maker Simcha Jacobovici instinctively knew there was something more to the discovery of the Jesus family tomb. Not wanting to make assumptions, he developed a system of questioning and consulted with experts. In this interview, he explains how he used the answers to connect the dots. His conclusions, as we can see from his Discovery Channel movie, are significant to archaeology, history, the bible and Christianity.

Jesus of Nazareth Mary Magdalene: Mariamne Early Christianity
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