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All About Ossuaries

Filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici talks about his Discovery Channel film The Lost Tomb of Jesus. Additional insight on the mysterious religious ritual of burial in an ossuary (tomb), an old practice used by Jews and Early Christians during the life of Jesus.

James Brother of Jesus: The Film Behind the Scenes

Simcha Jacobovici, filmmaker of the recent Discovery Channel movie The Lost Tomb of Jesus, talks about his other successful movie, James Brother of Jesus. This video reveals more information about finding the ossuary and the recent discoveries that validate its authenticity.

The Jesus Movement

Additional insight on the strange practice of ossuary burial. Simcha Jacobovici, filmmaker of the recent Discovery Channel movie The Lost Tomb of Jesus, sheds light who practiced this ritual. Evidence points to the Early Christians. Find out why.

Ossuary Inscriptions: An Ancient Phone Book

Simcha Jacobovici, filmmaker of The Lost Tomb of Jesus (a Discovery Channel movie), reveals more historical evidence about the existence of Jesus, Mary Mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. His proof? Inscriptions found on ossuaries. These bone boxes were used by a special group of people during the life of Jesus.

Discovering the Jesus Tomb

How did Simcha Jacobovici first learn about the Jesus Son of Joseph ossuary? How did he find the tombs of the entire Holy Family? And why were these incredible finds not revealed to the general public until years later? A fascinating tale told by the filmmaker himself sheds additional light on this exceptional religious discovery.

Using Probability As Proof for the Jesus Tomb

Many critics argue that the ossuaries did not belong to Jesus, Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene because the names on them were so common. The filmmaker of The Lost Tomb of Jesus (as seen on Discovery Channel) uses mathematical probability to explain why the ossuary he uncovered is in fact the tomb of the Holy Family.

Was Mariamne Mary Magdalene? Mary “the Master”

A behind-the-scenes discussion with Simcha Jacobovici, maker of the documentary movie The Lost Tomb of Jesus. The film director explains the importance of Mary Magdalene in The Acts of Philip, her true name Mariamne, how this form of her name is recognized by bible scholars and her role as healer and master.

Jesus of Nazareth Mary Magdalene: Mariamne Early Christianity
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