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The Decoders: Simcha Jacobovici, James Cameron, and Charles Pellegrino

The team behind the making of the movie The Lost Tomb of Jesus, and the writing of the book, The Jesus Family Tomb, based on the discovery of the Jesus tomb. Including Simcha Jacobovinci, James Cameron and Charles Pellegrino.

Evidence Carved In Stone: Jesus Was a Man

Some theories suggest that Jesus was not a man but a myth. One very important finding from the movie The Lost Tomb of Jesus is that Jesus was a man who lived in that time with two Marys who were close to him, as well as a James, a Matthew, a Yose, and a son name Judah. Simcha Jacobovici, maker of the movie The Lost Tomb of Jesus, has the proof.

A Detailed Portrayal of The Life of Jesus

While making The Lost Tomb of Jesus, Simcha Jacobovici ensured that every element of the movie held a true depiction of the past, including how the fabrics were dyed. Even Mary washing the feet of Jesus with her cut hair is portrayed according to the story in the bible. Any other explanation, Jacobovici says, would have been unacceptable in his movie.

The Lost Tomb of Jesus: Behind the Scenes Stories

In this fascinating interview, movie maker Simcha Jacobovici, shares the highlights of making The Lost Tomb of Jesus. Finding the Jesus family tomb in Jerusalem had its share of excitement including a knife threat and incidents with the authorities.

Jesus of Nazareth Mary Magdalene: Mariamne Early Christianity
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