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How Did The Jesus Tomb Fall Through the Cracks?

How does a discovery as important as the Jesus family tomb remain unnoticed for so many years? Perhaps this find was so controversial, no one wanted to acknowledge its existence. Did the arcehaeologists’ preconceptions come into play? Movie maker Simcha Jacobovici, director of The Lost Tomb of Jesus, explains all about why the Jesus tomb fell through the archaeological cracks.

Judeo-Christians and Early Christianity

Some people do not realize that Jesus was Jewish, and that he and his early followers, the Judeo-Christians, upheld many facets of the Jewish faith, including observing the Sabbath. Simcha Jacobovici, filmmaker of The Lost Tomb of Jesus, talks about the first followers of Jesus: how this early Christian sect was persecuted and when they moved underground.

Where Is St. Peter Really Buried?

Simcha Jacobovici, director of The Lost Tomb of Jesus, talks about the mystery surrounding the tomb of Simon bar Jonah, also known as St Peter. To this day archaeologists have been unable to find the bones of St. Peter beneath the Basilica, yet there is evidence that his ossuary has been found.

The Lost Tomb of Jesus and The Da Vinci Code

Although the book the Da Vinci Code is fictional, it laid the groundwork for the movie The Lost Tomb of Jesus, and opened up the possibility that Jesus and Mary Magdalene could have been married with a child. However, documentary filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici explains, unlike the Da Vinci Code, The Lost Tomb of Jesus is based on actual facts and is supported by real, hard evidence.

A Question of Authenticity

In this interview, documentary filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici explains that there can be no issue over the authenticity of the ossuaries and its inscriptions. All have been excavated, catalogued, and are owned by the IAA. However, Jacobovici points out, people may question whether the tomb was the actual tomb of Jesus.

A New Ossuary Found: Is It Related To The Jesus Tomb?

While looking for the Jesus family tomb, movie maker Simcha Jacobovici tells us how his team stumbled on a second tomb under the patio of an apartment. Will this be the source of inspiration for his next movie? What else could this discovery reveal about the secrets of the Jesus family tomb?

The Jesus Family Tomb, The Templar and Freemasons

What does the mysterious symbol on the outside of the Jesus Tomb mean? Where does it come from? Movie maker Simcha Jacobovici of The Lost Tomb of Jesus talks about the symbol and theories that relate it to Egypt, the All-Seeing Eye and secret societies.

Symbolism in Art: Clues to Secrets of The Tomb

There could be a relationship between the symbol on the façade of the Jesus tomb and the paintings of Pontormo. Simcha Jacobovici, maker of The Lost Tomb of Jesus, is planning to investigate the possibilities. In this interview, he explains that Pontormo, a student of Da Vinci, painted symbols that could be related to the one found on the Jesus Family Tomb.

Jesus of Nazareth Mary Magdalene: Mariamne Early Christianity
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