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Jesus and Mary Magdalene As Husband and Wife: The Evidence

Filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici gives a behind-the-scenes discussion about the making of his movie The Lost Tomb of Jesus as seen on Discovery Channel. He explains how he called on qualified experts to examine evidence and how, together, their conclusions reveal startling new insight about the real tomb of Jesus and the life of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Christianity, Resurrection and The Jesus Family Tomb

Will the findings from the movie The Lost Tomb of Jesus affect the Christian belief in the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus? Filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici, in a candid interview, explains the position of some theologians; that the new discovery of the Jesus tomb only affects the belief in a physical ascension.

The Missing Ossuary

Is the James Brother of Jesus bone box the ossuary that went missing from the Jesus Tomb in 1980? Movie maker Simcha Jacobovici reveals behind-the-scenes information on the patina test he had done on the ossuaries. His results are a match, indicating that the James Brother of Jesus bone box is authentic.

A Real Life Da Vinci Code?

Evidence reveals that the Mary and Jesus who were found in the tomb were married, and that they had a son Judah. Simcha Jacobovici, director of the movie, explains how his investigations and evidence reveal this probability. In his fascinating interview he describes how these finds support the implication that Jesus was married, and that a holy bloodline could still exist.

A Movie Succeeds Where Archaeology Fails

How did one filmmaker bring this startling evidence to the publicís eye? How did archaeology fail us? Movie maker Simcha Jacobovici of The Lost Tomb of Jesus explains that he had more resources and funds than archaeologists. Robotic cameras and other innovative technologies were used to assist in the production of the rediscovery and the film.

Archeology in Israel: The Reality

Movie maker Simcha Jacobovici, director of the film The Lost Tomb of Jesus, talks candidly about how Israeli archeology is both political and religious; most finds happen during construction, and then archaeologists arrive to salvage the find. With the Jesus family tomb, archaeologists only had three days to go in and excavate the tomb before it was sealed.

The Good News

Filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici shares important information about his movie and his discovery. He explains that his find was in situ, and not on the antiquities market. There can be no debate - this is a legitimate find and not a forgery. Moreover, he tells us, the Jesus family tomb still exists.

Jesus of Nazareth Mary Magdalene: Mariamne Early Christianity
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