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Jesus Family Tomb In the News

Radio Discussion Supports Jesus Tomb Find

A recent discussion held on a religious radio show program has backed the findings presented in the Jesus tomb documentary directed by Emmy Award winning writer, journalist and director Simcha Jacobovici.

The two-hour talk was aired on the popular radio program A Glimpse Through the Veil and featured dialogue between the show’s host, Gabreael, and former Biblical scholar and teacher L.C. Duplatt.

“[The Jesus tomb] helps people consider another perspective,” Duplatt stated during the two-hour discussion, which explored the theological implications of the findings of the Lost Tomb of Jesus. “[It] confirms the existence of Jesus.”

Duplatt praised the Lost Tomb of Jesus team for their thorough research and stressed the importance of maintaining an open mind, condemning critics of the Jesus tomb documentary for dismissing the archeological discoveries presented for superficial reasons; one such criticism Duplatt targets is that the tomb cannot be that of Jesus and his family because it is unlikely that this tomb would ever be found. “People have common beliefs that seem to be socially instilled within [them], and religiously and politically instilled,” Duplatt stated. “As human beings, we have that habit that as soon as we hear something that is opposite of what we consider truth, if we feel it’s threatened our automatic response is to attack it and not even listen to [it] and we don’t even consider the possibility that we may be incorrect.”

Duplatt, who believes that the resurrection of Jesus was spiritual, also discussed the early Christian movement as well as the spiritual message of Jesus.
Source: A Glimpse Through the Veil

For more information on the Jesus tomb discussion, click here.

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