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Jesus Family Tomb In the News

Jesus Tomb Director Encourages Further Investigation

In a recent radio interview to promote the release of his bestselling book The Lost Tomb of Jesus, Emmy award winning writer, director and producer Simcha Jacobovici reasserted the importance of the Jesus tomb as a springboard of archeological discovery.

“For twenty seven years [the tomb] has been languishing in the shadows, in the silence and now it’s no longer in the shadows,” he stated.

While much of the initial reaction to The Lost Tomb of Jesus documentary was negative, Jacobovici is pleased that there has been a shift to a more academic discussion of the Jesus tomb findings. “The first wave of reaction was emotional,” Jacobovici explained in reference to harsh criticism expressed by such archeologists as Amos Kloner, who rejected the team’s findings despite the fact that they had neither seen the documentary nor read the book. “[These people said] it can’t be so I’m going to react against it. But [among people who’ve seen the film] the reaction has generally been positive. It’s a serious investigation and at the very least it should act as a catalyst for further investigation.”

The Jesus tomb documentary has also faced criticism from some fundamentalist Christians, who believe in a physical resurrection as well as ascension. “I respect people’s faith,” the filmmaker responded. “My job is not to answer the spiritual realm, but to report honestly and respectfully.”

With archeological evidence that includes epigraphy, patina testing as well as DNA, the Jesus tomb seems poised to reveal further information about some of the most central figures of Christianity, including that of the nature of the relationship between Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene and whether they did indeed have a son. Jacobovici hopes that further DNA testing will help to unlock some of these mysteries and that he will be a part of this ongoing investigation. “[The tomb] is going to force a re-evaluation of archeology of the past fifty to sixty years.”

When asked whether he was concerned about the possibility that such an investigation might find evidence that conflicts with his team’s finds, Jacobovici is undeterred, emphasizing his commitment to archeological integrity. “The evidence will lead where it leads.”

To listen to the full interview, visit Astraea Magazine.
Source: Astraea Magazine and Web Radio

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