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Jesus Family Tomb In the News

Jacobovici Welcomes Continued Debate on Tomb Find

Filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici is thrilled that his documentary The Lost Tomb of Jesus is continuing to spark heated debate months after it drew millions of television viewers around the world.

"[A]ll in all, the reaction has been positive," the Emmy Award winning writer and director said. "Millions of people have seen the film now and you always have people who say negative things. Thatís to be expected."

Jacobovici continues to dismiss one main thread of criticism put forth by some archeologists, namely that the names inscribed in the ossuaries discovered in the East Talpiot tomb were common names during the time that Jesus lived. "My point is, itís useless to say names are common," Jacobovici stated, emphasizing instead the exceptionality of the names appearing together as a single cluster.

The director is also stressing the importance of unraveling assumptions that he believes has clouded some individuals' ability to consider the tomb findings in an objective light. "[W]e have to re-examine historical assumptions. I use my skills to reconnect the dots.Ē

Jacobovici has also directed such documentaries as The Exodus Decoded and Falasha: Exile of the Black Jews. He is currently preparing 26 new episodes of his hit televsion series, The Naked Archeologist.
Source: The Canadian Jewish News

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