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Jesus Family Tomb In the News

Jesus Tomb Director Takes Time to Reflect Amidst Controversy

While debate continues to surround the Jesus tomb find of Simcha Jacobovici and his team, the Emmy Award winning director is taking a rare moment out of his hectic schedule to reflect on the reaction to his documentary.

“It has been pretty overwhelming,” Jacobovici stated in an interview in Toronto recently. “We have received millions of emails and hundreds of thousands of Web hits a day.”

From guest appearances on Larry King to shows featuring clergy from the Vatican, Jacobovici has continued to defend the tomb, stating that individuals who believe in Jesus’ physical ascension will continue to do so regardless of the discovery.

“We are certainly not anti-faith. We are sensitive to people’s faith,” affirms Jacobovici.

Weeks after millions of viewers tuned in to watch the Lost Tomb of Jesus documentary on the Discovery Channel, Jacobovici maintains his youthful zest for uncovering the truth on a journey he describes as a story of a detective putting together a puzzle, made up of facts like DNA, stats, a unique symbol found at the façade of the tomb, as well as epigraphy. But does the Jesus tomb director indeed feel that the tomb belongs unequivocally to Jesus and his family?

“I am never going to say right now 100% but I believe the evidence points in that direction overwhelmingly,” he states. “You have ossuaries, that is a fact, you have inscriptions, that is a fact, and you have a Jesus, son of Joseph, inscription next to two Marys.”

But the tomb, Jacobovici stresses, is just the beginning of a fascinating archeological discovery that he believes will stand the test of time. Jacobovici hopes to return in the coming months to the Jerusalem tomb with the help of the Israeli authorities to ensure a thorough archeological excavation of the tomb, which he feels has the power to become a holy site, perhaps even a place of pilgrimage.

“The DNA (and other evidence) is telling the same story. They are telling the story, this is the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth.”
Source: Toronto Sun

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